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Hello, I'm Tim – Your Neighbor and Isle of Palms City Council Candidate. Let's get to know each other better! I've been part of the Isle of Palms community since 1990. But let's rewind a bit. I grew up just outside Annapolis, MD, and spent a good chunk of time in Philadelphia while my amazing wife Diane wrapped up grad school. Speaking of Diane, we've been partners in this journey for 36 wonderful years. She's my rock, my inspiration, and I can't wait to see what the next 36 years have in store for us. So, why did we choose the Isle of Palms? Well, we were drawn to the south, but Florida didn't quite tick all the boxes. We explored Wilmington, NC, and Savannah, GA, but when we stumbled upon Charleston, it was like finding a hidden gem. Renting a place on the Isle of Palms was the turning point – we instantly fell in love with the small-town beach vibe and the perfect blend of activities and cultural events that kept us engaged and excited. Sports have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, lacrosse was my thing, and that competitive spirit has never left me. So, when I heard the IOP rec center was looking for coaches, I jumped in. That led me to coaching youth basketball and eventually becoming a referee in the late 90's. It's not just about sports, though – it's about building a strong sense of community and connection. Staying active is a must for me, and running became my way of keeping that fire alive. I've been pounding the pavement at local 5K and 10K races for nearly thirty years now. Sure, the exercise is great, but it's the energy and camaraderie with neighbors, friends, and even strangers that keeps me going. Ever heard of the 4th of July Golf Cart Parade? It's an Isle of Palms tradition that warms my heart, initially founded by the Hill family as an informal, spontaneous way to kick off 4th of July celebrations on our island. Simply put, the parade is old-school hometown fun. Diane and I have been lucky enough to host the start of the parade since 2020. It's all about creating those cherished memories that families will carry with them forever. The parade is a throwback to good ol' hometown fun that's becoming rarer these days. Now, let's talk about food – my other passion. I'm the cook in our household, and I absolutely love it. From firing up my very own pizza oven to crafting mouth watering pizzas like the classic margherita or my unique pickle pizza (trust me, it's a hit), I find joy in bringing people together around the table. With a background in construction, real estate, and mortgage lending, I've learned a thing or two about problem-solving. And that's where I see myself making a difference on the Isle of Palms City Council. I've always believed in finding solutions that work for everyone and maintain the island's character. Currently, I'm proudly serving on the IOP Planning Commission. My goal is simple – to keep the Isle of Palms the special place it is while guiding it towards a bright future. As we head towards the election, I want you to know that I'm not just asking for your vote; I'm asking for the chance to continue the journey we started together on the Isle of Palms. Let's shape a future that our community will be proud of, where our traditions are honored, and progress is embraced. I'm Tim, your neighbor, and I'm ready to be your voice on the Isle of Palms City Council.


Listening to residents. Acting for residents.
Time For a Change. Vote Tim Ahmuty For City Council.


Dear Residents,

My name is Tim Ahmuty, and I have proudly called IOP my home for over 30 years. Throughout my time here, I have actively engaged in the community by coaching kids' basketball, refereeing matches, and coaching baseball. I have also taken part in bridge runs and beach runs, truly embracing the essence of this island. The love I have for IOP and its people has led me to announce my candidacy for IOP City Council, and I'm excited and honored to throw my hat in the ring.

My motivation for running is twofold. First and foremost, I am deeply attached to the small-town neighborhood feel of this island and want to ensure its preservation for future generations. Second, I believe that some members of the current council have lost sight of their responsibility to represent the best interests of their constituents.

Our island faces numerous challenges from external groups, and it is vital for the city council and mayor to stand united in protecting the rights of its residents. I am committed to putting the interests of IOP first and prioritizing the quality of life for all its residents over special interest groups.

If elected, I will dedicate myself to serving the community on the city council by actively listening to the concerns of all our residents, a responsibility that I believe has been neglected by some of the current council.

I am eager to outline some of my priorities, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Implementing a short-term rentals cap of 1600 to manage tourism impact.

  2. No cap on residents' short-term rentals, supporting local homeowners.

  3. Strict enforcement of existing laws to maintain order and harmony.

  4. Protecting and maintaining our local comprehensive beach management plan.

  5. Prohibiting parking in residential areas where posted to ease congestion.

  6. Upholding the new ordinances in Wild Dunes regarding housing and open space.

  7. Reinstating the emergency lane on the connector for enhanced safety.

  8. Establishing a safe walk/run/bike lane on the connector for residents' convenience.

  9. Addressing parking issues and ensuring a fair marina lease agreement.

  10. Seeking more assistance from surrounding counties to enhance safety measures.

  11. Securing permanent EMS and a reliable transport vehicle for timely medical aid.

  12. Finding affordable sewer and drainage solutions, including researching grant opportunities.

  13. Lobbying the State to allow ATAX funds for purposes beyond advertising and promotions.

Preserving the family-friendly, close-knit nature of our island is of utmost importance to me,

and I humbly ask for your support in this endeavor.

Your vote on November 7th will help ensure a brighter future for IOP.

Thank you,

Tim Ahmuty



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Lifelong love for sports, especially lacrosse. Active in local 5K and 10K races for 30 years. Skilled cook and pizza enthusiast.


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Married to wife Diane for 36 years. Partner in growth and happiness.


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Varied experience in construction, real estate, and mortgage lending. Problem-solving expertise for community challenges.


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Settled on IOP in 1990. Drawn to small beach town vibe and cultural events.


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Youth sports coach and referee. Engaged in annual 4th of July Golf Cart Parade. Member of IOP Planning Commission, balancing growth and character.



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The rationale behind establishing a cap on STR is grounded in various considerations that warrant careful attention. For instance, let's examine how other areas handle STR regulations:


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We must uphold and safeguard the existing ordinances with determination, and be ready to counter external entities that seek to assert their rights while disregarding the rights of our local residents.


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I endorse a solution for the connector that has unfortunately been overlooked in discussions with IOP residents, yet it presents the most logical approach. Restoring the original configuration of the connector by reinstating the traffic and emergency lane is the course of action I support. This would entail consolidating the walk/run/bike lane on the south side of the connector and making necessary enhancements to maximize safety.


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Setting up our own DMO is the critical first step towards accountability and fairness.  Our DMO would provide oversight and direction to how our money is being spent. As it stands now there is no formal agreement, no goals or expectations between IOP and the CVB. The standard operating procedure for CVB is for the IOP to hand over the money and trust CVB will spend the money responsibly. This way of doing business has to stop.  Local DMO  oversight would ensure that all our local business would benefit not just a select few. That’s the short term solution.  What needs happen long term?  Lobby the State to modify or  amend the original purpose of ATAX and allow cities wider discretion on how ATAX money can be spent. Transition ATAX money from tourism promotion to managing tourism.



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I've personally known Tim Ahmuty for a number of years, and more recently, I've had the privilege of working alongside him on the Planning Commission. Tim's extensive background in urban planning, construction, and real estate positions him as an exceptional candidate for a role on the Planning Commission. His deep commitment to our community is evident through his support for our first responders and his involvement in initiatives like the Lens Program. What truly sets Tim apart is his genuine willingness to thoroughly examine issues and attentively listen to the questions and concerns of the public. This quality distinguishes him significantly from other candidates. His unwavering determination, practical approach, and persistence make him a highly qualified candidate for the role of Isle of Palms Town Councilman.

Precinct: IOP 1A
IOP City Hall 
1207 Palm Blvd, IOP, SC, 29451
Precinct 1B/1C
IOP Recreation Department
24 28th Av, IOP, SC, 29451

NOVEMBER 7, 2023 
Polls Open: 7am - 7pm




Contact Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration at 843-744-8683

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